Locomotion Data Recording at the Seetaler Alps

Within the RoboNav project, locomotion profiles of different robot types were recorded on the Seetaler Alps. For this purpose, four robots with different drive types (tracked, legged, diff-drive, Ackermann) and characteristics were examined for their usability in alpine terrain. Due to the different kinematic and mechanical properties, the robots have different capabilities which are investigated within the project. A uniform mounting frame was equipped with various sensors to uniformly record the locomotion measurements. This allows the comparability of the motion profiles among each other. With the help of this data, autonomous path planning and navigation in the terrain can be optimized.

RoboNav’s Hardware and Software Part of Winning Contribution to ELROB 2022

The robot platform and the navigation stack developed in the RoboNav project were used by the TEDUSAR Field Robotics Team to win the European Land Robot Trial 2022 (ELROB) in the category Mule.

RoboNav’s Hardware and Software Part of the Amadee 2020 Mars Simulation

Mercator, the robot platform used in the RoboNav project, and the navigation approach developed in the RoboNav had been tested successfully during the Amadee Mars analog simulation in the Ramon Crator in the Negev desert, Israel. The system was deployed in the Exploration Cascade where exploration is based on earth observation data that are used for robot navigation and refined during the process by data from an UAV and the ground robot.